PEÑA Alfonso

Abstract artist who consistently creates textures on oil on canvas in primary colors. His work is influenced by his being an architect. His compositions usually include geometric forms like squares and circles, etc., but he also uses organic elements as well as etnic symbols, like the mayan ones, and the facets of the moon. His work also, on occasions, reflect the use of mixed media, such as incorporating a piece of a text into the art. 
Alfonos Peña was born in Queretaro, Mexico in 1965. He studied architecture and arts in the city of Monterrey, Mexico at the University of Nuevo Leon in 1987. Before starting his career as an artist, Alfonos taught courses about The theory of Color, Artistic Apreciation and Interior Design at the Instituto Profesional de Arte y Diseño A.C. in Monterrey.
Alfonsos resides now a days in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Contempo Galeria- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Quadro Galería de Arte- Puerto Vallarta, México
Dezart One Gallery - Palm Springs, CA
Fresh Paint Art Gallery - Los Ángeles, CA
Picture Sources - Seattle, WA
Atlantic Arts - Anápolis, MD
Galería des Artistes - Puerto Vallarta, México

“Infinito” Galeria Contempo, Enero 2014-Puerto Vallarta, México
“Encaustic & Resin”, Galeria Contempo, Marzo 2013-Puerto Vallarta, México
“ Transparencias”, Galeria Contempo, Febrero 2012 –Puerto Vallarta, México
“ Había una Vez…” Quadro Galería de Arte.Dic. 2009 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
“Apertura” Quadro Galería de Arte. Oct.- 2008 Puerto Vallarta, México
“ Cosas del Corazón” Galería Des Artistes. Enero 2008 Puerto Vallarta, México
“Natura” Galería Des Artistes. Dic. 2007- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
"Modern Magnetism" Dezart One Gallery. Sept. 2006 - Palm Springs, CA
"Collective Show" Fresh Paint Art Gallery. Marzo 2006 - Los Ángeles, CA
"Trébol" Galería Des Artistes. Dic. 2005 - Puerto Vallarta, México
"New Paintings" Galería Des Artistes. Enero 2005 - Puerto Vallarta, México
"Contexturas" El Sofá Galería Puerto Vallarta. Junio 2003
"Expect the Unexpected" Chicago AIDS Foundation. Marzo 2003 - Chicago, IL
"Fiesta Blanca" Vallarta contra el SIDA. 2003 - Puerto Vallarta, México
"Carousel" Seattle Men's Chorus. 2002 - Seattle, WA
"Club Savoy" Poncho. 2002 - Seattle, WA
"Eclipse" Galería Des Artistes. 2002 - Puerto Vallarta, México.
"Pisis" Galería Des Artistes. 2001 - Puerto Vallarta, México