Miguel López Vazquez was born in 1972 in the state of Guanajuato. Since his childhood

he showed a lot of interest in art, design and decoration. With the support of his mother, he began

his studies at the House of Culture of León, where he began taking painting classes at the age of 6.

During his first exhibition, at the age of 11, he painted a still life of an avocado that

was awarded in a competition where  trained adults also participated.

During his adolescence he was captivated by photography, and decided to study

architecture. However, the mathematical calculations and physical limits of the construction were too much for him.

They forced him to look for another profession in which he could develop his creativity.

Graphic design gave him the foundations of composition and structure to communicate his

ideas. He managed to express himself through graphics and through a wide range of materials,

typographies and visual grids. He developed his profession in the field of advertising,

packaging and corporate image. He discovered that letters can be converted into

hidden messages, phrases are transformed into images. He learned to transmit  subliminal ideas

in his work. He found new ways of communication.

After starting to work for a company that hired him to design the pacakging for medical products,

he received an offer to become the head designer in charge of the area for corporate identity and design of the visual merchandising department

(visual presentation) and display of one of the most important departmental stores chains in Mexico, Liverpool.

He couldn't have found a better job! Window dressing allowed him to launch his

imagination, promote products and create many totally different scenarios

each day. His talent was daily faced with tring to create a different environment.

It required  him to capture the client´s attention, to create a feeling of attraction. of interest.

The kaleidoscope of ideas that fill his mind found a release in the worlds

that he loved. He achieved a huge number of international awards and distinctions, until

he felt that the corporate world  curbed his creativity.

Miguel needed an escape and decided to focus solely on art.

He has dedicated 20 years of his life, full time to the plastic arts, working on graphics, drawing,

painting,  art objects and sculpture. He handles classic techniques such as oil, acrylic, watercolor

pencil, charcoal, collage, assembly, encaustic and mixed techniques. He experiments with

diverse materials, shapes, sizes and textures that are languages, voices,

instruments, the notes for his creations. This has earned him the award for Best

Emerging Talent in New York.

Every day Miguel sets out to work with formal work schedules to explore the

combinations that his talent, imagination and creativity proposes. He finds

new materials, he adapts and transforms them, he allows himself to be seduced by what his vision of these material can create.


He rearranges spaces with a high sense of aesthetics, harmony and good taste. His

knowledge of architecture gives him the authority to understand thespaces for his work and its


relationship with furniture,  combination of colors and textures in a

new, powerful, very personal way.

Lopez Vazquez is also an extremely sensitive person; and he manages to express his feelings 

through his work. His sadness, joy, mourning; everything is transmitted in his strokes, in his techniques and

colors. His keen way of seeing and observing things allow him to represent, with  brush strokes,

characteristics of the people he portrays. In the same way, he achieves

capturing images with absolute realism.

He doesn't know how to sit still. He cannot limit himself. He doesn't allow himself to be pigeonholed. The art for

Lopez Vazquez does not end with a painting, nor with a technique. It's just the beginning of another new

current, another flavor that he incorporates into his wide range of creativity. There will be those who say

that López Vázquez has many styles, many trends. Lopez Vazquez manages to combine them

all, like a mixologist, like an orchestra director... Finally, his work is

like a concert of all his styles, which makes it so valuable, since it will never be

classified as boring, and in his creations one can get lost reading endless

stories that his work hides and shows, a trajectory that is not linear, rather it is

like him: a whirlwind of color captured in anything that for him is a canvas. A

leinzo that like his life, is full of surprises.

His work has already been placed in recognized museums in Mexico and several architects and

Interior designers turn to his work for their international projects.


Collective Exhibitions

1993 Olvidando
Casa de la Cultura, León Guanajuato

1995 Claro Obscuro 
Club de raqueta Britania, León Guanajuato

1998 Silencios 
Rectoría Universidad de la salle, León Guanajuato

2003 Convergencia Visual
Casa de las Ranas, Guanajuato Capital

2005 Alma Azul
Galería Lucita Aguilera, Hermosillo Sonora

2007 Blanco y Negro
Galería 10/10, Ciudad de México

2010 Coincidencias
Galería Sol y Luna, Ciudad de México

2012 10 Arquitectos Apertura
Casa 10, León Guanajuato

Solo Exhibitions:

1998 Tierra y Mujer…
Galería central UBAC, León Guanajuato

2006 Estadía
Galería Torre del reloj, Ciudad de México

2007 Memoria
Galerías Cuernavaca, Cuernavaca Morelos

2007 Pensamiento
Galerías Coapa, Ciudad de México

2008 Complicidad
Espacio cultural LANCAO, Ciudad de México

2010 Punto y aparte 
Gabinete Corredor Cultural Roma-Condesa, Ciudad de México

2012 FLU yendo
Galería Torre del reloj, Ciudad de México

2013 Con los ojos cerrados… pero el corazón abierto
Museo Casa Diego Rivera, Guanajuato Capital

2013 Milagros
El Jardín de los milagros, Guanajuato Capital

2015, Dialogos, Galeria Contempo, Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

2016 Galeria Contempo, Puerto Vallarta, Jal.